Slash Your Flesh, Drink To Death

by They Leapt From Burning Windows

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released February 7, 2015



all rights reserved


They Leapt From Burning Windows Anchorage, Alaska

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Track Name: Hydrogen Sulfide
We are here simply to exist
Orbiting through darkness
Surrounded by atmosphere.

We are here to ponder
endlessly on the cosmos.
Here to breathe
and wait for nothing.
I fail to see the point
of such speculation.

Hoping for a revolution
that is merely
the tapering end
of humanity.
Man no longer embraces
animal instinct
to protect, provide,
nurture or delegate.

Wars are waged in cyberspace.
We wallow in consumerism,
flaunting a bloated sense
of self worth based on currency.
We have allowed our species
to become feeble and weak.

How can we speak
of progression?
Track Name: Exsanguine
Scraped back lips unveil
tar stained teeth
in a ritual display
of hollow acknowledgement.

Gestures of futility
traded back and forth;
used to add meaning
to a shit life on a shit planet.
All the while screaming
and beating fists bloody
on conjectures in burning minds.

I thought summer would make me less bitter.
Sobriety was supposed to be a positive change.

I was never able to forget what
it feels like to hate.

I want to slash my own throat
I want to watch the arterial spray
glistening in the summer sun
as it stains your shirt.
I want to see your smile fade.

I want to slash my own throat
I want to watch the arterial spray.
Track Name: Into the Turnagain Bore
Where I go, swathed in black
The grey sky threatens to smother the sea.
The grey sea tries to swallow the coast
while the coast tries to hold up the sky.
Above them all the grey gulls cry

Trudging through this cobalt expanse
I strive to outrun the coast
to find out where the sky has collapsed.
Still the grey gulls circle and call
Trying to remind me of the absurdity of it all.
Yet they cry in vain.

With heavy footsteps
I walk toward the dreary sea
No longer encumbered
I let it devour me.
Track Name: Slash Your Flesh, Drink To Death
Again I am intoxicated, drunk off alcohol.
Drunk off anguish and hate.
A frozen world in which I do not belong.

My driving force is negative energy and chaos.
My passion is hatred.

I worship only the earth, corpses as altars.

Inwardly screaming, I submerge myself
entirely in angst, bathed in torment.
Unholy Black Devotion.

Forced to this life,
surrounded by filth.
Forever self loathing.
Made to hide my bestial nature,
the primal force within.

I am not one of you
I am the destroyer.